Choosing your Chicago Wedding venue can be tricky because there’s SO MUCH that goes into it. And lets be real, cost is a big factor for many folks, and understandably so. Celebrating your special day in a beautiful space that can accommodate your guest count, meet your visual expectations, and ultimately meet your budget is major key. 🔑

As someone that comes from an educational background, I like to share my thoughts in hopes to help someone out there (as you can also see in my (TikTok content). With that, I’m going to share my top 3 Chicago Wedding venues that I’ve had the privilege to DJ at last year!

#3 Lacuna Lofts (Pilsen, Chicago)

I’ll be honest, the 3 venues I’m listing are in no exact order because they’re seriously all amazing in their own way but make no mistake about it, Lacuna Lofts hands down has the BEST ceremony set-up in their ‘Skydeck’ which is on their rooftop overseeing the Skyline – it doesn’t get any better than that for a ceremony.


Outside of this flawless view, the nice thing about having your ceremony here is that it’s a great segue into cocktail hour, which typically remains in the Skydeck for your family and friends to enjoy the Skyline presence of the city.

So Lacuna Lofts has two reception spaces, ‘La Galleria‘ which is their smaller space that holds up to 150 guests – an intimate exposed brick room with huge windows so that can still enjoy the outdoor view. Additionally, they have these warm dangling lights that create a cozy ambiance.

My personal favorite room is their ‘Reverie Gallery‘ room which lives on the first level. Let me tell you, this room is ginormous…literally. You can fit up to 350 guests in this room and my personal favorite thing about this space is that it’s so open, which means that you can do a lot with your set-up options! As a DJ, this is a DJ paradise because the ceilings are high (like really high) and the acoustics are great, which means sound travels marvelously! They also have a lot of super cool artwork hanging around which gives it a vintage-y vibe. Last but not least, their staff is A1 (A1 means that they’re cool).

#2 Morgan’s on Fulton (Fulton Market, Chicago)

If you’re looking to have your reception on a rooftop of 150 guests or less, look no further, Morgan’s on Fulton is your spot! Actually one of my most viewed TikTok videos was a video I made at this venue! Even if it rains, your reception will happen regardless since the roof closes, so no need to worry about weather being an issue here. It’s an easy space to navigate since the first level is a bar, which is where couples do their after parties at, second floor is the room used for their ceremonies (you also have agency to do that on the rooftop) and then there’s the rooftop of course. The couples gallery that I DJ’d for has their gallery posted on the venues site: check it out!

This venue has what I call the 3 V’s: views, vibes and Vestus 😎

#1 The Fairlie (West Loop, Chicago)

Exposed brick is a hot commodity in today’s wedding world and rightfully so, it’s honestly super cool and is featured all around The Fairlie. I’ll be honest, part of the reason why Fairlie is on here is because it’s where I’m getting married at, so I wanted to give you a taste of my flavor 🔥 This venue is known for it’s infamous Tuk-Tuk, and yes, it can be used for your grand entrance and exit! The versatility in this venue is endless – it’s technically a 2 floor venue but everything happens on the first level: ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing – yes, the venue is THAT big where you can do all of this is one space as it seats up to 250 guests.

They’re event staff are next level when it comes to customer service, you truly come FIRST! The bridal suite lives on the second floor while the groom suite lives on the first level – both of which are extremely nice rooms, I could probably sleepover.

Depending on your guest count, you can’t go wrong with any of these venues! What excites me is the opportunity to continue to diversify myself as a DJ and have the opportunity to potentially help my next client in the best ways that I can, even if that means I can potentially inspire them with their Wedding venue! Looking forward to whipping up more blogs for y’all!

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